About us.

The Hill’s Bistro was created by 4 Venezuelan entrepreneurs to serve as a place for friends and family to gather and enjoy delicious food. We've created unique spaces to make our customers feel like at home, big on ambience and flavours but small on formalities.





We look forward to having you and we'll always strive to make your stay an enjoyable and memorable one.


Our restaurant captures Latin American’s rich culture and vibrant street food scene in a funky and cozy atmosphere. Its blooming interior will transport you to a tropical paradise without leaving Bournemouth Town Centre.

The menu spans dishes representative of Latin American countries and some British classics with a twist. Our chefs play with a variety of cooking procedures to ensure they get the best and boldest flavors on every plate.


Guests can enjoy locally roasted Bad Hand Coffee, soft drinks, beers, spirits, wines and punchy cocktails that have a depth of flavor and their own character.

Our Philosophy.


We’re committed to protect our planet through conscious sourcing, actions and partnerships.

Fresh & local

All of our dishes are prepared daily using the freshest and best quality ingredients, many of which are organic.


We’re a haven of calm during the day, but then we bring all the fun with non-stop flowing cocktails and happy music as the sun goes down.


We prioritise creating a respectful and supportive space for our team and guests.


We believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents.


We take each day as an opportunity to improve and discover our infinite potential.

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Opening Times

Monday - Thursday
12 pm - 10 pm

Friday - Saturday
12 pm - 12 am

12 pm - 8 pm

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